Tita Young, President

The strength of my work is editing to smooth writing for publication; in particular, when the project is to incorporate the writings of several authors into one volume. I write and copy edit to clarify information while letting the writing style of the author(s) shine through. My publication designs are classically traditional. I also transform technical information into simplified language and publications that anyone can understand and use as well as transform business writing to be succinct and persuasive.

I help organizations and private parties produce distinctive books, manuals, memoirs, academic papers, brochures and reports by arranging materials, crafting the text, and working to streamline and update the writing and production process while keeping the quality high. I like to eliminate logjams and work with a team to meet deadlines. For example, I helped accelerate the publication of The Journal of Energy and Development (ICEED) by 50%, I wrote and edited manuals at RSM, and my work on historic structure reports and building evaluations at CSC (now The Collaborative Inc.) continues to produce top-drawer deliverables.

Work Experience

The Collaborative Inc. (2008-present)

[Formerly Community Services Collaborative—CSC (1986-1992)]
Boulder, Colorado
The job description of Office Manager and Publications Manager is the same in 2009 as it was during my first six years at CSC (1986-1992) with one important exception: The deliverables of the 21st Century are digital. Regardless, the priority work remains running the office smoothly and providing a broad base of support to the professional staff, which has been working in the field of historic preservation and conservation since 1974. Publication production includes proposals, reports, brochures, books, press releases, web site development and maintenance, and marketing materials as well as general administrative support.

Institute for Business Forecasting (2005-Present)
Jamaica, NY
Editor of business collateral materials, certification examinations, biographical sketches, and workshop abstracts
Journal of Business Forecasting: Publishing production, including editing, design, and typesetting

Society for Economic Botany (1999-Present)
Boulder (Colorado), California State University (Fullerton, CA), and St. Louis (Missouri)
Biannual Newsletter Design and Printer Liaison, spring and fall issues 1999-2009
Economic Botany: Copy editing on an article-by-article basis and indexing annually

International Research Center for Energy and Economic Development (1993-Present)
Boulder, Colorado
Production Manager and Associate Editor

The Journal of Energy and Development: Publishing projects include typesetting manuscripts, research papers, and book reviews. Co-editing responsibilities include correction for journal style and editing for spelling, grammar, consistency, accuracy of citations, proofreading, and page design.

Occasional Paper Series: Prepare and co-edit white papers for publication. Specific publishing project duties are the same as those for the Journal.

Private Publishing Ventures

My Stories, Hertha Flack, Non-Fiction (2006-present)

Meditation & Light Visions: A Neurological Analysis, Philip T. Nicholson, Non-Fiction (2009)

Love and Grow Rich, Tim S. Paulson, Non-Fiction (2008)

Memoir, Little Spirit, Non-Fiction (2007)

Ph.D. Thesis, Sangtaek Kim, Optics, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Colorado at Boulder (2007)

Ph.D. Dissertation, Kevin Kyuhong Choi, Dept. of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
University of Colorado at Boulder (2007)

The Prince, Larry Wieczorek, Science Fiction Novel (2006)

The Copper Chronicles, Calem MacAlister, Novel (2005)


College Application Essays (2004-Present)

Parent of a DePauw Univ. student who also was admitted to Bradley Univ., Denison Univ., Illinois State Univ., Illinois Wesleyan Univ., Miami Univ. of Ohio, Ohio Wesleyan Univ., Univ. of Illinois, and Wittenberg Univ. “WordScribe has been a valuable resource for the college essays my daughter and son had to write. The editor is professional and caring and coached a great essay out of both of them. WordScribe’s approach is comprehensive; they even make sure the essays address all the writing requirements for each particular college’s applications. This service is a great resource for the complicated process of college applications.”

Student, Wittenburg University (Springfield, Ohio). “WordScribe helped me with thorough and thoughtful analysis of all my admissions essays. They encouraged me without writing the essay for me. All of these aspects are the perfect combination to quickly write a well-organized essay.”

Boulder Community Hospital (1992-1993)
Boulder, Colorado
Secretary/Scheduler, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

Coordinated and tracked prescribed rehabilitation schedules of brain-injured patients
with medical/therapeutic staff.

Resource Systems Management (1992)
Boulder, Colorado
Administrative Assistant

Contributions to the marketing, planning, and product development branch of this computer information service company included coordination of and work on technical documentation and proposal production.

Community Services Collaborative (1986-1992)
Boulder, Colorado
Office Manager

Production included proposals, reports, brochures, books, press releases, and marketing materials as well as general administrative support to the professional staff. Because one field of emphasis in this firm is historic preservation, my chemical mortar analysis skills were developed and used.


Colorado College
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Bachelor of Arts in psychology, 1974

Continuing education classes in editing, business communications, software applications, etc., at Boulder Valley School District's Vocational Training Center, University of Colorado's Continuing Education Department, and Front Range Community College.

Summary of Qualifications and Skills

Documentation: Research, Content organization, Writing and editing, Graphic production, Document layout, Proofreading, Desktop publishing, Publisher liaison, Delivery, Technical support

Software: MS Word (Mac and PC), WordPerfect (Mac and PC), InDesign (Mac and PC), Acrobat Professional (Mac and PC), Illustrator (Mac and PC), PhotoShop (Mac and PC), PowerPoint (Mac and PC), Excel (Mac and PC), LaTex

References and examples of work are available upon request.


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