International Research Center for Energy and Economic Development (ICEED)

Tita’s duties include the production of the ICEED’s series of occasional papers as well as the publication of original academic manuscripts in The Journal of Energy and Development, a referred biannual periodical of the ICEED. She ensures that each article conforms to The Chicago Manual of Style, and while typesetting, sets the design, style, and layout to meet the parameters of the printed publication. Tita then acts as ICEED’s liaison with the printers for these efforts that are distributed world-wide.

“Personable and professionally outstanding in all aspects of the publication chain, Tita is willing and competent: technically proficient in typesetting; skilled editing for grammar/syntax, comprehension, and format; keeps to time schedules; an eye for design and layout; care in proofing.  Is she available?  Use WordScribe!”

Dr. Dorothea El Mallakh, Managing Editor
The Journal of Energy and Development, a publication of ICEED
Client since 1993


Society for Economic Botany

In addition to copy editing articles and generating an annual index for the quarterly journal Economic Botany, WordScribe’s duties include the design and liaising with the printers in the production of the Society’s biannual newsletter—Plants & People—an international publication that is distributed both on the printed page as well as through the Internet.

“As an Editor, I have worked with several graphic designers, but none are as organized, efficient or pleasant to work with as Tita.  She has the ability to take the missing pieces and creatively weave them into flawless finished documents.  Besides her technical skills, Tita works well with difficult people especially while they are under stressful deadlines.  She is a rare find and I hope she will work for me forever.  She can count on my employing her whenever possible.”

Trish Flaster, Executive Director, Botanical Liaisons, LLC, and Editor, Plants & People
Client since 1999


Kevin Choi, PhD Candidate, University of Colorado, Boulder

Working closely with Mr. Choi, a PhD candidate in the process of relocating to a new state for work, Tita used an interactive style to copy edit his PhD dissertation on assessments of GPS Positioning Timeseries. Known for having a fast turnaround time, Tita was efficient with the time available and readied the dissertation for defense.

“Tita tries to understand the client’s field of work to produce better writing outcomes. Her flexible work style can easily fit in any type of software needs; she can edit using LaTeX as well as MS Word. I highly recommend her and would work with her again.”

Mr. Kevin Choi, PhD Candidate
Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
University of Colorado, Boulder
Graduation May 2007


Private Publishing Ventures: Novels

The Prince, Larry Wieczorek, Science Fiction (2006)

The Copper Chronicles, Calem MacAlister (2005)


High School Students’ College Application Essays

Parent of a DePauw Univ. student who also was admitted to Bradley Univ., Denison Univ., Illinois State Univ., Illinois Wesleyan Univ., Miami Univ. of Ohio, Ohio Wesleyan Univ., Univ. of Illinois, and Wittenberg Univ.

“WordScribe has been a valuable resource for the college essays my daughter and son had to write. The editor is professional and caring and coached a great essay out of both of them. WordScribe’s approach is comprehensive; they even make sure the essays address all the writing requirements for each particular college’s applications. This service is a great resource for the complicated process of college applications.”

Student, Wittenburg University (Springfield, Ohio)

“WordScribe helped me with thorough and thoughtful analysis of all my admissions essays. They encouraged me without writing the essay for me. All of these aspects are the perfect combination to quickly write a well-organized essay.”


Global Change Associates

As publications and reports editor, the staff at WordScribe handles a variety of document types.  Using a grammar and punctuation style sheet, the products end up with a standard “read.”

“Tita has extraordinary knowledge of the energy industry, which is a great asset in editing our highly professional books.  We highly recommend her for the most difficult assignment.”

Peter Fusaro, Chairman, Global Change Associates and Co-Author of Green Trading: Commercial Opportunities for the Environment.
Client since 2002


MCS Business Technologies, Inc.

MCS Group projects involve editing collateral materials for the Business Development Department.

“WordScribe’s quality of work and attention to detail has helped us provide quality content to our projects.”

Paul Boivin, Director of Business Development, MCS Business Technologies, Inc.
Client since 2003


Guenther Leitz, University of Colorado, Boulder

As a Researcher in 3d microscopy of living cells, Mr. Leitz uses the services of WordScribe to assist in projects of tracking and editing scientific books and reports.

“WordScribe is a highly recommended, fast, efficient and reliable typing and editing service.”

Guenther Leitz, Biology Researcher, Biology-MCD Instruction, University of Colorado, Boulder
Client since 2003



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