Consult with marketing and printing professionals about the final presentation of your publication—whether it is to be on paper or on the Web. Publication design options range from black & white to semi- or full-color. Printed products can be done on plain, glossy, laser, or ink jet paper. Binding is done with attractive and creative covers or other various binding choices, such as three-ring, spiral, saddle stitch, or soft cover. For Internet publishing, options include PDF, download, or html.


Business Writing
Give your clients sophisticated marketing materials, newsletters, production manuals, proposals and reports.

Academic Writing
Finish your degree with essays, journal articles, refined dissertations, term papers and theses.

Personal Writing
Put in print your articles, memoirs, novels, poetry, and stories.


Basic Service
For all types of publications, this service includes the correction of punctuation, grammar, and word usage as well as proofreading.

Specialty Service
Take the basic service and add style-smoothing editing. This level of service is especially valuable if the project is authored by more than one person.

Turnkey Service
Have WordScribe transform your concept into a top-quality presentation by writing, editing, document designing, typesetting, and coordinating with printers and Web hosts.



WordScribe’s operations begin with the customer. Our customer-oriented vision includes the following three principles:

We will play it straight, whether in contact with customers, suppliers, employees, or any other individuals or groups. The right way to deal with people is forthrightly and honestly.

If any of our team makes a mistake, we will admit and correct it. 
We strive for high-level performance and product. Moreover, our commitments will be honored.

This is fundamental: we will not welch, weasel, chisel, or cheat.
We will not be a party to any untruths, half-truths, or unfair distortions. Life is too short. No business can be run without a high degree of integrity.



Depending on the project and the scope of services required for completion of the project, fees vary. Generally the per-hour rate is between $30 and $45. Per-page fees are also available for the basic services. For an estimate, contact us with information on your project. Of course, it is helpful to have a draft or an outline of the document and/or project in hand to facilitate discussion.

We will get your publication to the printers and to your audience quickly—and at reasonable costs! We are anxious to serve you.


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